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About LEHO

always improving, always leading ─LEHO has arrived

Your patient waiting for the “Ultimate” in stringed instruments is finally rewarded. Whether you have visited music shops or, attended various music festivals… there is no longer any need to prolong your emotionally charged search for nirvana nor, for your very own, your very finest…

Immerse yourself and swim in oceans-full of most pleasing and harmonious sounds while strumming any one of the several connoisseur instruments already available worldwide under the extremely popular “LEHO” brand. Continue to visit, shop, play and compare and, request: “I would actually love to now try a few LEHOs, please.” Demonstrably leading-the-pack in every sonic and build aspect and finite detail, you will be entirely happy you asked…

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LEHO means “seashell” in native Hawaiian and all LEHO instruments produce the melodious, soulful, romantic sounds of Mother Nature at her most proud moment…

Sample Nature’s critically seasoned tonewoods to instantly expand, enhance, and easily uplift your own playing style and performance. From your most subtle pluck, picking and chord-strum nuanced breezes, to full-on tempests of sheer power: Now Command. Drive your playing, your accompaniment and solos with total confidence in your trustworthy and most faithful “LEHO”…

LEHO is a joint-concern and is composed of consulting-partner Pro-Tour artists and expert Designers primarily located in California and Hawaii. Mutual collaboration from numerous “best-in-industry” corners is routinely and quite-purposefully the solid basis of ANY new LEHO model.

The LEHO “Core Team” possesses more than 300 years of experience in the artful, exquisitely adept Creation and Craftsmanship of every LEHO brand instrument. There can be No Doubt…

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LEHO models begin with the global search and savvy identification of the rarest of prime-only construction woods. After ambient-controlled, long-duration seasoning and other proprietary treatments, solely the critically tested and most sonorous materials are allowed to be used in manufacture. LEHO tonewoods preps are often acclaimed as “last-word” in this business…

Where technology permits some override to achieve realistic price points, without sacrificing one iota of sonic reproduction, LEHO employs the latest, highly-advanced technical machineries for making some component parts. To assure strict consistency, such parts receive testing, testing, some rejection, and testing and testing in order to realize highest-quality only… LEHO knows!

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Many LEHO Hand-Builders and Finishers have 15-20 years experience EACH in the ART of stringed instrument construction and most are also, true musicians themselves! With an ear and a heart to what makes a REAL instrument and to what does not, LEHO artisans continue to uniquely offer you the “crème-de-la-crème” with each and every stringed instrument that proudly boasts the precious and coveted LEHO logo…

Everyone at LEHO cordially invites YOU to “Enjoy the Music” with us. Always improving and always leading, your best possible investment in your next personal-music-partner is of course, and dependably, only “LEHO.” We all, Warmly Welcome YOU to the New World of LEHO…

LEHO Arch Back

natural harmonics, more volume, and better frequency balance

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LEHO engineering team members are “not at all new” on the ukulele scene and many of our close-knit LEHO team engineers have more than 20 years experience in the careful design of ukuleles for various other ukulele brands that you already know. Our LEHO engineers grouped together in 2010-2011 in order to develop a final answer to all ukulele players as concerns true or actual performance response as regards practical, workable price-points for serious players who sincerely understand the difference in today’s marketplace. Our timid observation is that the OLD, “tried and true” ukulele brands followers remain hung-up on the earlier ukulele brands regardless of country of origin.

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LEHO finally resolves and distills the essence for offering you the best ukulele attack, harmonic responses, and pleasing decay as compared to any model in today’s market; comparably, via any price point versus any response as compared to other competitive ukulele brands! (We have the scientific sonic or spectrum tests results in our audio labs)

LEHO engineers lit upon the challenges to develop the very best sounding ukuleles for the ukulele world and then underlined and highlighted each goal by priority back in 2011.

  • BEST WOODS SOURCES team experience identified the very best sources worldwide
  • BEST BODY DESIGN various “Top” ukes were studied and we indeed IMPROVED
Arch Back 製作 02

The LEHO Arch Back design was not easy to arrive at. Our engineers did not rely on any personal taste from our veteran team members. We remained looking for the exact width, the exact position, the exact depth of a scientifically proven back-arch that could BEST or hyper accentuate the broad and even harmonics or tonal attack and sustain of any string pluck; frankly speaking, this task required hundreds of hours and we did not start with competitor examples, LEHO engineering struck-out entirely on its own in order to define the best ukulele body. And now, you too can enjoy unending attack, shimmering harmonics, and ongoing brilliance…

The LEHO arch back keenly promulgates MUCH more volume; but just as one sonic property.

The LEHO arch back adds more of everything while “in phase”; appreciably more output, added bass thump, out front mid tones and, gads of extra brilliance on the top end. For any ukulele aspiring to give-back the most, only the LEHO brand can thankfully deliver today.

For your best and most comforting purchase choice, choose any model from the LEHO range of models and be assured that LEHO engineers and artists are behind your decision…

LEHO Arch Back Models