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With each of our LEHO staff artisans possessing decades of hand-built familiarity with so-called “Best Possible Sound” ukuleles, your LEHO Guild-Team joined our ukulele-experienced Sales and Marketing artists friends to establish “LEHO” about 10 years ago, in order to finally deliver to “Worldwide Pro and Beginner” ukulele players -  an entirely NEW line of the very finest ukulele models!

LEHO’S ALL NEW Specialty WOODS with Specialty INLAYS models surely answer your long-search and longest-quest for the “Best Ukuleles” out there . . . Ultimate, most sonorous-sensitive arch-back build. LEHO All Solid Exotic Woods . . . Hand-Select Ebony Fingerboard and Ebony Bridge. Nothing else today even comes close to what LEHO offers. Please Demo us and Please Join us !