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Highly skilled LEHO craftsmen take extra care in building each LEHO product to ensure that all players, from beginners to pros, always realize their best-possible musical performance.

Celebration Series

Exclusively designed by Leho artisans in collaboration …

Specialty Series

LEHO’S ALL NEW Specialty WOODS with Specialty INLAYS models surely answer your long-search and longest-quest for the “Best Ukuleles” out there.

Acacia Series

Only hand selected solid, top-grade acacia woods are used in this series to create a very competitive and high-value choice for the most discerning players.

Spalted Maple Series

Beautiful, deep dimensional grain structure… Enjoy the sweet overtones of maple! This series is a real winner to look at and to play.

Pau Ferro Series

The Pau Ferro series offers cosmetic coloration and grain structure rather similar to rosewood and the response and projection of rosewood back and sides too.

Mango Series

With tasty, unique cosmetics and a very broad tonal spectrum, tropical mango is a favorite with Hawaiian and Tahitian players who relish their own island sounds.

Flamed Maple Series

The curly flaming in the Maple series is quite remarkable due to utmost discretion in sourcing the wood materials; and this flamed maple is among the best in today’s market.

All Soild Mahogany Series

Positioned as one of the most popular woods for ukulele players, LEHO’s all solid mahogany series must be on your list “to try” before making any purchase.

Ebony Series

With deep grain play of various shades of black and figured light-colored-woods binding, the Ebony series has a look like no other. Cool Black, Warm Sound.

Ziricote Series

This is a very artful and compelling wood choice that would seem to command a much higher price point due to its rich, thick, and exotic coloring.

Rengas Series

Rengas Series features a rare tonewood from Southeast Asia with tasteful, multi-colored, and deep grain striping, and boasts its own, individual array of very appreciable tone structures.


Luscious moonbeams of thick and deep tone will envelop your ukulele playing style with the elegant, mahogany themed MOON series; only from LEHO.

Mahogany Series

The already famous MM series cleverly combines the practical economy of rigid laminate construction without sacrificing musical response, given this full-body arch back design.

Resophonic Series

The overall design offers a rock solid carrier body as the reso plate pumps out its metallic sweetness above the efficient arch back. The LEHO resophonic is a “must” to try for any player.

Round Uke

A stand-out and stunningly gorgeous approach in a ukulele-tuned-strings format, the full tonal response and “cut-and-carry” of the Round ukulele will amaze you.

Aleho Series

Aleho is one of the most popular LEHO series. With a bit more of a flat back notion and with open-pore laminated sapele woods, “Aleho” is truly today’s most top-value favorite.

MyLeho 156 Series

To UP what was already UP in the market, the MyLeho 156 line boasts a “solid spruce top” which confirms astounding resonance, perfect for outdoors and a play at the beach too.

MyLeho 146 Series

The poly-sonic, molded body is impervious to most temp and humidity conditions and thus 146 is the perfect answer for long play on the beach, hiking, and camping.

Xtreme Mahogany Series

Very attractive and deep wood patterns reflect the cosmetics of a Pro instrument while this is the top of the entry-level My Leho logo range.

2 Tone Mahogany Series

Book-matching the complete body construction woods requires extra manufacturing time in processing while this 2-Tone Mahogany result is visibly beautiful.


To add a beautiful chord strum background or even solo-lead passages to your ukulele play group, the 6-string LEHO Guitar-Lele completes any song arrangement.

Ukulele Bass

LEHO brings critical musician’s its first true ukulele bass as an addition to the “ALEHO” logo, all-laminated-sapele family. Enjoy loads of nice solid “bottom” with or without an amplifier.


LEHO offers a full line of Gig Bags with different cover material, different padding thicknesses and features . . . LEHO Electronic Tuner, Play Strap, Adjustable stand in tote bag, and more!